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Responding to your support requests

24-7 readiness

Most of our service contracts will provide a guarantee of assistance at any time. Please see details in your contract, or look at the templates of the respective products, to see how conditions may vary outside normal office hours.

Level of activity during holiday seasons

NetStorm is open for customers every business day throughout the year. Requirements of every service contract will be met at all times.

However, we might offer a little less extra services (either paid or free) during the summer holidays. This has never been a problem to any of our customers that we know of, since we in spring always send a reminder of a few simple rules that help us all out:

  1. July is the month in which NetStorm employees usually takes vacation.
  2. We strongly recommend that you during this month don't start "large-scale" activities that you are unfamiliar with, that might require assistance from NetStorm (topics that could not be covered with relevant user manual examples, and so on). For example:
    1. A user wants for the first time to run system functions that globally affect huge amounts of data and cannot easily be reversed. (like search/replace through all records)
    2. A user wants for the first time to activate a tailored data exchange connected to other systems.
    3. A host manager wants to move software or database to new and different production environments.
  3. Explicitly, activities similar to the above must have been completed and verified before start of July. Activities that require final testing, must follow these rules (time margins should be relative to the activity extent):
    1. Finish implementation before June 10th. Start testing.
    2. Finish testing/verification before June 20th. Roll back changes if necessary.

In short: Every year, comprehensive changes should be carried out before June 10th. Otherwise, please consider waiting until August.

Worried that your start-up/change schedule might be tight before summer? Please consult NetStorm before starting!