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Posting questions, comments and ideas to a product forum

Please consider the advantages of the forum before using the e-mail or phone:

  • Response time is about the same as with e-mail or phone support.
  • Total time to a solution with the forum is as good as, and in certain scenarios better than, e-mail or phone support.
  • The forums are managed by NetStorm, and both you and our support team are immediately alerted (your choice of e-mail or feeds) in case of questions, answers or other relevant activity.
  • Users from other companies may also respond and come up with even more ideas.
  • NetStorm see an overall advantage with the forum, compared to e-mail support, and specially compared to phone support. So we will certainly yield at least the same effort when answering. For instance, we may agree to guide you on related areas/products with hints and tricks, even though it is not covered by you service agreement.
  • NetStorm usually does not charge your support account in the case of forum posts. On the other hand, all e-mail and phone support counts down the remaining number of guaranteed support hours included with your annual service agreement.