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Getting support

  1. Do you need help on how to use a NetStorm product? Is your question related to a particular page? Please log in, navigate to that page and click any button, menu or link that offer help for the current page, to be transferred to the corresponding location in our online help library.
  2. Customers with service agreements are entitled to all support resources. Please log in, if your user name is not already displayed in the upper left corner, to access the entire support section. Browse the menus or use the search field below. Note that you typically will find results both from the library or forums, each of them are useful in their own way (respectively how-to's and special issues)
    If you still can't find help, or the nature of your request suggests otherwise, please proceed using the following directions.
  3. Consider using the forums to post your question. The forums are managed by NetStorm support personnel, meaning that we will respond just as quick as to your e-mails. Users of other companies may also respond and come up with even more ideas. Besides, questions relevant to most users does not count down the volume of your service guarantee.
  4. Do not hesitate in contacting the helpdesk directly using [email protected] (keep "preferred contact" in copy if you'd like), or by phone +47 22204575.
  5. If urgent, please tick "High priority" on your mail before sending. That will avoid any confusion regarding the nature of the request, and we will consider providing quicker partial solutions along the road, in cases where a comprehensive handling will require some time.
  6. E-mail or phone calls to our support department will be answered by the person that is first available. If we can't answer the phone right away, please send an e-mail or leave a message, and we will get back to you in a short while.
  7. Regular office hours are 07:30-15:30 UTC (08:30-16:30 in Norway).See our readiness policy.