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We think TopView is bringing you the future of Line-of-Business Web Solutions. One central data repository surrounded by a set of Web Services, and several software products available using single web sign-on.

TopView is our ultimate product suite, containing all our line-of-business solutions. It is our most complete assembly of systems, containing the ShieldNet and FlowNet product suites in an interlinked package. Although each application is designed with a range of industries and trades in mind, our point of departure has been employment for the marine industry. Of course, some of the applications had to be tied closely to the business domain, for example ShipView.


TopView - "Enterprise Suite"
ShieldNet - Insurance Management suite

Marine Insurance Management

General-purpose Insurance Management

FlowNet - Business Process Management suite

Core BPM system & designer

Collaboration system connector & repository

Extended BPM analysis & data warehouse

As illustrated by the figure, our TopView solutions are sold as separate products or in product suites. Getting started is just as easy as it should be with today's software. Use our hosting service, or set up by yourself if you prefer.


Please observe our use of the name TopView in two similar cases:

  • TopView is a product (suite) that you can buy and use.
  • TopView is also a login portal for all products that are part of the TopView product suite.

This is actually to make the day easier for the user:

  1. All TopView products share the same set of data.
  2. Some companies purchase one product (e.g. ShipView), while some purchase two, or maybe the entire TopView suite.
  3. In any case the users log on at a page with title TopView, landing on the most recently accessed user product. (e.g. ShipView)
  4. NetStorm has carefully packaged user products separately not to confuse or bother a great deal of users operating the software for one business domain only.
  5. Certain users have access to more than one purchased product (as set by the company admin), in which case the single logon is extremely convenient: Switch product with a single click, keeping track of selected assets, vendors, clients etc. (Back and forth between insurance solutions, the marine system ShipView and the non-marine RangeView, or to the BPM system StoryView, or to PointView if you also have our fully customizable system)
  6. Even if you don't need other than one product from the beginning, this single sign-on guarantees easy and trouble-free growth should you ever need more..