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Our essential Business Process Management solution

Taking quality management systems to new places.

The editions

  1. "StoryView" - Workflow system, full version, for taxonomy of nonconformance
  2. "StoryView Conformace" - Workflow system, limited edition for nonconformace reporting only

The target of use

StoryView is an event tracking system targeted for non-conformance control and improvement work. Historically, StoryView emerged from of our successful family of insurance management systems. It includes document handling features and a web based process defining system for one of its core areas: Audited reporting.
The product is also a basis for PrimeView, our extended improvement system.

Targeted industries: Shipping, ship management, generally most industries with significant requirements to quality/process management systems.


  • The most recent trends of Quality theory has been thoroughly worked into this new type of TQM software. High focus on process oriented quality management.
  • Entirely web based, low startup costs, low training costs, low production costs, low maintenance costs, high discovery rate, and an easy path to significant quality improvement and push-button documentation: These are cue words for profit!
  • Comes with business extensions and seamless fittings for both ShipView and RangeView.