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The PointView product is an excellent base for a line-of-business system. It is clearly affordable even for a medium sized company. Prices can't be compared with systems like SAP, Seibel, and PeopleSoft. But the results can actually become significantly better, in a number of scenarios.

Starting out at your business, PointView is a new generation ERP system. It is designed for quick, reliable and affordable systems integrations.

PointView is most closely a modern evolvement of the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). It takes full advantage of being a TopView product.

It originated from "extra needs" in organizations already using one or more TopView line-of-business solutions. Data from PointView is one hundred percent integrated with other TopView products, and vice versa, which makes PointView advantageous for both existing TopView line-of-business, and for other personnel and divisions that work interconnected.
PointView can also be used standing alone, if you organization does not yet utilize any TopView product like ShipView, RangeView, DocView or StoryView.

PointView is made to integrate seamlessly with messaging systems. Currently, Microsoft Exchange Server is supported with the the most complete integration.
PointView also has efficient in-depth integration options for accounting systems and CRM systems.

Why another ERP-CRM-alike product?
Like messaging systems do great things with storing, retrieving and organizing messages, PointView handles event registrations with excellency. Row-based presentations like journals and logs is where PointView definitely has an edge to the competition. Each row has its versioning system, core and extensible text, date and number data fields, internal storage of any number of documents, messages, pictures, movie clips or similar, and any number of links to internal event registrations, intranet, extranet or intranet documents and data.

From the rigid, yet extremely adaptable basis, PointView has been set up with:

  1. Document store
  2. Product catalog
  3. Warehouse
  4. Offering
  5. Ordering
  6. Billing
  7. Transactions of goods
  8. Transactions of money
  9. ..and a unique Budget system
    that will keep you updated on daily basis, with ease.

And of course, PointView is multi-currency with dynamic currency change based on internally stored and updated worldwide exchange rate history, like all other TopView products.