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The test site feature is available to all customers using the NetStorm Hosting service. No extra fee is charged.

This offer can speed up learning and lead to more value from your hosted software products.

How it works

  1. The test site has its own database where you can add, delete and modify data without affecting the production data.
  2. About once a month (or more often) the database of the test site is overwritten, using a copy of the production database.
  3. You will receive an extra logon link. It is usually the same as with your regular/production system, but will end with the letters "test".
    For example, our primary ShipView/TopView hosted site https://www.netstorm.no/topview has a test site counterpart at https://www.netstorm.no/topviewtest.
  4. In addition to the differing links of the web browser's address bar, the site panel of the logon page will clearly state which site you are about to log on to.
  5. The login credentials to be used for the test site are identical to the regular ones.
  6. The test site is subject to the same security against disclosure as the production site.  We guess that we will see almost the same up-time as with the production system, but no such guarantee is given.


Ideas for use

During basic training.
Not sure of the consequences of deleting an item, despite product documentation? Delete using the test site and see for yourself.

Learning more advanced functions.
How does the many options of the function "copy insurance coverage" actually work? You are not always offered undo functions, especially not with advanced database applications. Try the test site and see. You don't have to clear up numerous of possibly unwanted changes from a "wizard" when using the test site!

For special cases of test modeling during advanced use.
Although NetStorm software products have included protected estimate entry features on many levels, that will not interfere with other users simultaneously querying the system for reports and summaries, some kind of testing are still best to perform separated from the production environment.

For miscellaneous testing by your IT/Solutions department.