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Hosting service contract

Hosting the dataspace of a NetStorm business product

This applies to products like ShipView, RangeView, StoryView and DocView.

A separate hosting contract is optional. Before you decide that you need a separate contract, please consider the more handy default option described in the following.

The standard license agreement will in most cases include all you need:

  1. Grant of license of use
  2. Software service
  3. Optional hosting service

If you didn't want the optional hosting service in part 3, you should be all set with agreements between you and NetStorm for delivery of software and services.

If you decide that you want the hosting service, you are almost done using only the license agreement.
You will need:

  1. Basic description of hosting service prepared for the licensed product in particular.
  2. Confirmation of purchased service, stating the chosen service level.
  3. Detailed description of the chosen service level.

Part 1 is fully covered by the license contract.

Part 2 and 3 are covered respectively by the offer, and a print of the service level document, both digitally signed with a strong authenticating certificate. Then, confirmed again by the invoice, and finally by the payment.

Hosting other, including FrameView/AllView based products

Without a license agreement describing hosting (like the NetStorm business product standard license agreement), we will provide a separate hosting contract.