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In the sample below there are no one time costs, all items are recalculated to annual cost per year in NOK. Man-hour cost is assumed to be NOK 1000 by average, both for hired personnel and employees, as we assume no slack in the employees' schedule. You may want to adjust for items like man-hour cost (see basis in comments below). Edit the values in the right column and press Recalculate.


# Item of cost NetStorm Hosting Locally hosted
1 Hosting fee  29106  -    
2 Server computer(s)  -      15000
3 UPS  -      2250
4 Hardware installation  -      1000
5 OS prerequisite software, MS Windows Server with IIS/ASP.NET  -      2000
6 DBMS prerequisite software, SQL Server  -      1100
7 Prerequisite software installation  -      2000
8 DBMS prerequisite software upgrades  -      3000
9 Power cost, including cooling  -      800
10 Connectivity cost  -      3000
11 Rent of server rack space  -      2500
12 Continous upgrades of prereq software  -      4000
13 Upgrading your NetStorm software  -      8000
14 Unforeseen prereq SW/HW maintenance and troubleshooting  -      3000
15 Prereq and application monitoring  -      3000
16 Assistance supporting the NetStorm application  -      5000
17 Backup and restore  -     4000
18 Running a separate test installation  -     8000
  Total: 29106 67650


Comments on items chosen above:

  1. The NetStorm Hosting cost is for ShipView edition E2C2U5 (5 users)
  2. We assume using a single medium to high end server (NOK 45000), for combined installation of applications and database, including a basic service agreement. We have planned a moderate lifespan of 3 years, instead of the usual "absolute maximum" of 5 years. On the other hand we have not included costs for firewalls, domain controllers, mail servers, switches and similar.
  3. We assume that the UPS power requirement for the above server(s) amount to 1000VA, using a separate unit costing NOK 5000, replacement batteries at NOK 3000, fully replaced every 6 years, and a 1hr install/replacement operation every second year.
  4. As with server(s), every 3 years. By hour. We assume a total of 3hrs for the operation.
  5. As with server(s), replaced every 3 years.
  6. Expected to have a lifespan of 12 years. Using SQL Server Standard, licensed using 1-server/5-CAL, ref MS price list.
  7. As with server(s), every 3 years. We assume a total of 6hrs for the operation. (installation and configuration)
  8. Software assurance per year. Using SQL Server Standard, licensed using 1-server/5-CAL, ref MS price list.
  9. Share for one 2U server unit, based on consumption.
  10. 25% of the cost of a medium quality fiber line, assuming that the line is shared with 3 other applications that also needs to be reasonably responsive.
  11. Share for one 2U server unit.
  12. Windows update/Microsoft update, needs to be attended/troubleshooted now and then, even when set to auto. Service packs probably installed manually for Windows and SQL Server once a year. Assume 4hrs per year.
  13. We assume at an average 4 updates per year. Each requiring 2hrs including basic verification.
  14. Our guess is 3hrs per year
  15. This includes adding/keeping the NetStorm ASP.NET application with local or centralized monitoring management, to avoid downtime or substantially degraded performance, including the IIS and DBMS. In this case we assume a minimal solution and knowledge of the monitoring system of the IT-personnel. At an average 3hrs per year.
  16. This includes manually getting logs and/or granting remote access for NetStorm to perform these operations. At an average 5hrs per year.
  17. For planning, supervising and setting up the backup, presuming some changes in the running environment from time to time, that requires adjusting the backup procedures. Restore test once a year.
  18. This is a rough estimate based on experience. The test installation need to be set up and upgraded parallel with the production installation. One also need to replicate or take a database copy from production to test, about once a month.


Note: This is just a sample, that we believe is according to average requirements. You may be able to remove some items, and you may have to add some (please copy and proceed in a spreadsheet). You may be able to make some items less expensive, wile other will cost you more.


Hint: You are free to save the resulting page and open it in your spreadsheet program to process further, or simply copy/paste elsewhere. One convenient way is to mark all the way from the upper left cell to the bottom right cell of the result table (gray background), and simply select Past Special > Text in Excel. Adjust column widths by double-clicking in between the column headers.