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FrameView is the "building site" that eventually are added components and sometimes custom jobs. FrameView is itself a sales product, containing only core functions that are likely to be needed in most applications. Customers may want FrameView in combination with custom jobs in very special cases that does not imply need for other components relating below FrameView.

AllStore is the database component for FrameView. AllBase is the program function library operating AllStore. AllView is the central business logic library for FrameView, relying in turn on both AllBase and AllStore. These components are all sales products.

Building the model further, TopView on top of AllView serves as a united web browser based program for most of our line-of-business solutions. The login page is common for the five solutions ShipView, RangeView, StoryView, PrimeView and PointView. By logging in the user is sent to the home page of a purchased solution, able to switch to another solutions' home page in one click, in cases when registered license information allows for more than one solution. 

AllPlay is similar, but because of the nature it relies on its own browser based program instead of TopView.


FrameView - "Expedition Suite"

AllView & starting point ERP-type web-app

AllBase, AllStore & business layer

FrameView database & utilities

Basic non-db development framework & tools

Interoperability system