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FlowNet - Business Process Management suite

Core BPM system & designer

Collaboration system connector & repository

Extended BPM analysis & data warehouse

FlowNet is our suite of Process Management applications.

You get

The suite consists of 3 products that seamlessly integrate in a single web application with a single logon:

  • StoryView workflow system, for general purpose and/or marine + energy.
  • DocView workflow oriented document management system.
  • PrimeView quality management and improvement system.

The suite serves virtually all needs of a business' insurance management needs.

The suite product is merely an advantageous product of purchase, for functional details please click the links above.

You save up to 30%

  • Buying a license of FlowNet, as compared with purchasing StoryView, DocView and PrimeView individually, qualifies for a 90% (!) discount for the less expensive product license.
  • For example, if you want the exact same level editions of StoryView, DocView and PrimeView (same number of users etc.), you will have a 30% discount compared to individual purchases.
  • At least for a while, the discount also applies to "upgrade to suite", meaning that you will get the discount even if you already have purchased one of the products and want the other.