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AllView table of prices

Packages   License Service Hosting
P1   49 000 9 800 9 800
P5   98 000 19 600 19 600
P10   137 200 27 440 27 440
P20   171 500 34 300 34 300
P50   245 000 49 000 49 000
P100   392 000 78 400 78 400
Px   686 000 .... ....


Prices are in NOK less local taxes that may apply.

  • License: License of use (required item)
  • Service: System service (optional item)
  • Hosting: NetStorm Internet Hosting Service (optional item)



Definitions, terms and conditions in full detail can be found in the standard agreement.

License packs

As with most vendors, we use the term license so that an user organization commonly need one license for one or more users (as opposed to one license per user).

Licenses of license packs are based upon up to 3 named users per license. Some licenses may still contain more than 3 users as long as the total number of users (U) across all licenses (L) in the pack do not exceed the numbers of licenses multiplied by 3. (U <= L*3)

Number of named users that can log on and edit data; available levels:

  • P1 : Single license, 3 users.
  • P5 : 2-5 licenses, 15 users.
  • P10 : 6-10 licenses, 30users.
  • P20 : 11-20 licenses, 60 users.
  • P50 : 21-50 licenses, 150 users.
  • P100 : 51-100 licenses, 300 users.
  • PX: 100+ licenses, 300+ users.
    Contact us for prices of more than 100 licenses.

System service

In most cases one would not purchase AllView system service separately, but have a combined service agreement for the AllView based user system and AllView.

Thus, the service prices in the above table could be seen as the minimum fees for a combined service agreement. They would only apply directly in case of an extremely simple user application.
We are of course happy to make offers to suit your needs.


As with system service, the hosting prices in the above table are minimum prices, and we would have to arrange an offer for an actual AllView based user application.

With hosting you can run your license data space directly from our servers from anywhere with Internet access. The access speed, reliability (percent up-time) and other quality and security measures (backup routines etc) can be leveled to your needs.

Hosting SLAs

The hosting service prices in the above table is for the basic hosting level, which is what you probably want if you don't know of particular needs. Our range of hosting levels for TopView type products are:

  1. NetStorm Hosting Base Level
  2. NetStorm Hosting Level 2
    Adds 10% to the prices of base level
  3. NetStorm Hosting Level 3
    Adds 15% plus NOK 8 000 to the prices of base level.
  4. NetStorm Hosting Level 4
    Adds 15% plus NOK 40 000 to the prices of base level.
  5. NetStorm Hosting Custom Level
    Please contact us for prices
  6. NetStorm Hosting Base Level External
    Adds NOK 15 000 to the prices of base level.
  7. NetStorm Hosting Level 2 External
    Adds 10% plus NOK 15 000 to the prices of base level.
  8. NetStorm Hosting Level 3 Externa
    Adds 15% plus NOK 23 000 to the prices of base level.
  9. NetStorm Hosting Level 4 External
    Adds 15% plus NOK 60 000 to the prices of base level.
  10. NetStorm Hosting Custom Level External
    Please contact us for prices

Supplemental services

Other services are priced by hour as consultancy services, for example:

License setup and modification

NetStorm reserves the right to charge a small fee for making license changes, but no more than the cost of a half man-hour. The charge is limited to the operations of adding, renaming, removing and disabling users, renaming the licensed company name, and downgrading license levels. On long term, the fee is assumed to be less used, as the process will be automated through the member pages.

Moving of a dataset

NetStorm provides automated routines for extracting and inserting individual datasets of licensees. Examples are moving a local installation up to a hosted installation and vice versa. Although this is not a particularly time consuming task, the customer may still be charged for the time spent on this task according to the prices of NetStorm consultancy services.

More info

There's more info in the product home page.
Please contact us if you need more information or if you feel that the AllView price model does not seem to work smoothly with your business model.

Changes in prices

Prices in annual system service for already licensed products may be adjusted annually up to the general price increase, if stated in the license agreement, which we do in most cases. A price increase in hosting services will be published at least 30 days earlier. With these exceptions, all other prices can changes will be published on this page (www.netstorm.no/Products/allview/prices.aspx) without further notice.

The above conditions and prices are effective from 2006-02-11.