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The essential "Interoperability Central".

Use AllPlay to:

  1. Connect NetStorm solutions to your other solutions, even across the Internet using Web Services, simple and secure
  2. Connect various non-NetStorm solutions

AllPlay has Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) written all over it, using state-of-the-art technologies, primarily Web Services, at all times when possible.

The components are, with source code included (use your own IT/development personnel or a NetStorm consultant to adapt if needed):

  1. Windows service application to be customized - Keeping things running while initiating scheduled retrieval.
  2. Documentation to the Web Service based data exchange of TopView/AllView
  3. A sample custom Web Service - Offering structured XML data to other solutions
  4. A web application offering browser based interface for management and custom tasks

The product is primarily targeted at customers having products in the TopView and FrameView suites.

Typically, the licensee is running a TopView application (e.g. ShipView) at NetStorm Hosting, and need to push data on when needed to and from local application databases. For instance from an accounting system to TopView and premium and claim estimates back to a data-warehouse or a centralized budgeting system.


Here's a deployment scenario:

Deployment of AllPlay in an enterprise with legacy apps


Product leaflets to download:


Please contact us for case studies and more info.