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Don't worry about ShipView system requirements. Almost all computers with an network connection will do, without additional installations or settings. If you can read this text on the screen you are most likely done!

If you want a detailed look, please note that you in the following will see the name TopView now and then. TopView is the system you log in to, to access ShipView among several other business products. It works like this; the user will see the common TopView login page, and is redirected to the isolated ShipView section after a successful login.
For users with more than one NetStorm business solution this greatly simplifies use, as you log in once and switch between solutions with a single click.
  • Check detailed TopView Client Requirements
    (A page for: Users, IT-department  and hosting operator.)
  • Check complete TopView Requirements
    (A page for: Hosting operators and interested IT-managers.)