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Since the ShipView origin back in 1993, we have been working close with a number of major Norwegian ship owners, building knowledge and experience from development and service of business software solutions for marine insurance management.

The predecessor of our ShipView product, Vessel Insurance System (VIS), had been used by an established group since 1994, consisting of Leif Höegh & Co, The Torvald Klaveness Group, BW Gas AS (at that time Bergesen d.y. ASA) and Teekay Shipping (at that time Bona Shipping).

ShipView 3 made the marked back in 2000. It was the result of our acquisition of the VIS product rights, and the development of a flexible and wide-range solution targeted for large ship owners. Teekay Marine Services AS (formerly IUM Shipmanagement AS) was one company that bought licenses for the system at that time, and used it successfully for a few years until the natural end, when the company was sold and discontinued in-house insurance management activities.

When the state-of-the-art version 4 for web hit the market in 2002, the popularity and use of ShipView grew considerably.

Some ShipView users:

  1. Leif Höegh & Co. Since June-2002.
  2. BW Gas ASA. Since May-2003.
  3. United European Car Carriers (UECC). Since autumn 2003.
  4. The Torvald Klaveness Group. Since autumn 2003.
  5. BW Offshore AS. Since November-2007.

Leif Höegh and BW Gas have been our first business area partners in design and development of ShipView. A number of ship owners, including the above, have submitted comments and requests for system improvement and extension.

Please tell us if you would like to contact ShipView users or IT presonnel of the above companies. We will pass on a formal request, then send you contact names, direct phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


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