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ShipView is a unique product for commercial ship management, administering insurance covers and claims for ship and drill rig owners. Takes care of all from budgets to analytical nonconformancy handling. Handles the most complicated splits and nestings that are applied in marine insurance covers. Featuring all common reports and summary screens, plus a number of extended features. With an easy and intuitive user experience.


ShipView for you

ShipView is designed to give a superb view for the ship owner. The profile is obvious throughout the system, when working with insurance covers, budgets, fleet, cash flow, nonconformance incidents, insurance claims and so on.

  • Ship owners supervising insurance management: Yes!
  • Commercial ship managers with insurance tasks: Yes!
  • Operational and technical ship management: Yes.
    Specially if cooperating with the commercial managers
  • Marine insurance brokers: For some.
    This is not exactly what all brokers want to show!

Company size?

While ShipView is targeted for large ship owners, the system will make earnings even in modest scenarios. Some of our cusomers have estimated for us, that ShipView wil fit anyone that:

  1. Has 5 or more vessels
  2. Some or all insurance tasks are carried out inhouse

What does ShipView do?

Each of the following points are significant:

  1. Save time of personnel
  2. Get the best insurance cover rates
  3. Avoid losses from over- and underinsuring
  4. Improve overall claim settlements
  5. Improve public image of your company
  6. Contentment of personnel

Result: Profit in the 6th power!
With ShipView,  both insurance coverage and claims of the entire fleet is completely managed, with primary focus on economy!

Future targets

Insurance companies and brokers can also benefit from ShipView, by getting an competitive advantage providing ShipView license leases and corresponding data for customers.
By targeting management companies or ship owners, document data like statements of claim and adjustments can travel easily between the parties. Today, ShipView already meets the texnnical requirements for integration, with exellence, using carefully designed Web Services and XML data.

There's yet no visible provider market for this special case. Some day the clients of inssurers and brokers may constitute a market for standardized data, saving the clients for lots of time consuming punching of data. This will definitely not happen tomorrow, and we have seen convincing proof of negative attitude among insurance companies and brokers.
Our customers have been very happy a long time, though! There's really no need to wait! Standardized data will be exchanged automatically as you like, from the day the other guys are ready!