Source: http://www.netstorm.no/Products/ShipView/features.aspx
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Some prominent ShipView features:

  • Low cost deployment of the system
  • Multiuser
  • Common data timeline for better report options across the system
  • A complete view of insurance coverage, incident and claims data, with focus on economy
  • Treats complex real world data without loss of precision and meaning, while guiding the users through simple steps
  • Exhaustive use of the cash-flow principle throughout the system opens for a multitude of valuable views and reports
  • Manage all coverage data
  • Manage all incident and claims data
  • Reports, Analysis & Statistics: A comprehensive package of reports included
    • HTML output of reports
    • Reports for MS Word and Excel
  • Power-features like: Real-time automated currency exchange. Automated population of an extensive set of daily currency exchange rates, for dynamic currency calculations. Works even if ShipView is locally hosted.
  • Handling of even the most complex coverage and claim scenarios:
    • Unlimited number of insurance types
    • Unlimited number of deductible types
    • Unlimited number of covers in one policy
    • Unlimited number of claim types
    • Unlimited number of claims per incident
    • Unlimited number of adjustment types
    • Unlimited number of adjustments per claim
    • Estimates within claims

Several editions of ShipView is available. That way an organization can limit the level of IT investment and find out what's needed. A user organization can upgrade or downgrade between versions at all times without any data conversions at all. Prices are lossless, meaning that you only pay the actual price difference between products when you upgrade (e.g. if you have the standard edition and want to upgrade to professional edition, you only pay the difference between the full product price of the Professional Edition and the full product price of the Standard Edition).