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Frequently asked questions about ShipView

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  • Where's the competition?

  • Regular spreadsheets are fine for some purposes, but large amounts of data inevitably seem to break formulas, reduce clarity, and often cause a mess. Can we avoid this?

  • My spreadsheets cannot be used for statistics. Sheets cannot be stacked, as the columns referring to named insurers would not match from one period to the next. Any cure?

  • I try to create different views in Excel for various summaries and reports, but always end up editing too many spreadsheet copies. Any cure?

  • How fast can I find information in ShipView?

  • Can I access the ShipView fully while on the move, at my home office or anywhere using the Internet?

  • Is ShipView limited in any way that we should know of?

  • Will ShipView help manage all my insurance related documents, like paper documents, scans, video clips, sound recordings and pictures?

  • What can go wrong starting with ShipView?

  • IT personnel: Do we install ShipView or is it a hosted service?

  • IT personnel: We have been using a legacy system, and would like to access all this data without using more than one system. Does ShipView have means of import?

  • IT personnel: In case we later should want to move to another system, will NetStorm provide export facilities for our data?