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ShipView variations: The list of available editions and modules

How editions and modules relate:

  • A module contains the naturally smallest set of coherent functions and features.
  • An edition contains a basic set of modules, plus one extra suite of modules for each level above the basic edition.

The editions

The functional editions of ShipView are collection of functional features that we assume most users find to be convenient combinations. User organizations that doesn't need all functionality should not not have to pay for all, and thus making ShipView available to more organizations. That is why we have this system of editions.

E1 Standard
E2 Professional
E3 Enterprise/3 Enterprise/3 or E3 is the base enterprise level, named by numbers just for our convenience, including at least the same functional content as the "Enterprise Edition" of previous ShipView versions.
E4 Enterprise/4
E5 Enterprise/5 E5 is not yet available.

For most users one the mentioned editions will do. The editions naturally build on each other, so you should simply buy the edition that has what you need. Still, you may purchase modules individually for special scenarios of use, as long as other required modules are in place.

Read on to find what each level include.

Modules of features that are located in the various product editions

ID Module title E1 E2 E3 E4 E5
1 A whole package for Coverage & Claims handling X X X X X
2 Unlimited number of insurance types X X X X X
3 Unlimited number of deductible typeS X X X X X
4 Unlimited number of adjustment types X X X X X
5 Unlimited number of adjustments per claim X X X X X
6 Unlimited number of claim stages per claim X X X
7 Estimates within claims X X X X X
8 Dynamic automated currency exchange X X X X X
9 Journal of Incident X X X
10 Journal of Claim X X
11 Journal of Cover X
12 Journal of Vessel X
13 Documents in Journals
Complete document handling features, including storage of scans, photos, video-clips, PDFs and virtually any document or file type. Post (forward e-mail) to journals of vessel, incident, claim, cover or general repository.
14 Posting to Journals X X
15 Incident Classification
An abnormality tracking system. Incident analysis based on multipoint hierarchical classification systems. With selection of preferred classification standard.
16 A whole Report & Analysis package X X X X X
17 HTML output of reports X X X X X
18 Reports for MS Word and Excel X X X X X
19 XML output of reports X X X
20 Comprehensive database documentation
Access to extensive data storage documentation, for all kinds of data mining and making of own custom reports.
21 Services for advanced database use and integration
Basic integration with other systems like technical management and accounting systems, plus two-way xml/web service data targeting the insurer/broker. Possible to make almost any custom integration with other systems.
22 Open Incident reminders X X X
23 Task planning
Task planning (Issue tracking) system with due/reminder control: Interactive journals of planned events/tasks.
24 Premium installments X X
25 Transactions
A full set of accounting functions for tracking any payments, estimates and planned costs.
26 Estimate of covers by inception
Extensive budgeting. (an extended set of budget entry points, opening for even more accurate estimates)
27 Estimate of covers cost by expery X
28 Participant role assignment X X
29 Extended reports
Extensive cash flow analysis. An extended set of terms and payment points, opening for even more accurate cash flow management.
30 Vessel naming history on reports X
31 L3: Volume limit extension to 100 vessels
32 L4: Volume limit extension to 150 vessels
33 L5: Volume limit extension to 200 vessels
34 LX: Volume limit extension to unlimited no. of vessels
35 Registration of insured customers (broker-oriented)
36 Commission for covers
37 Custom logo on reports X

The list is only a confined presentation of ShipViews available features; the product has a vast number of other features not listed here.