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Due to increasing interest, NetStorm has decided that the ShipView will be among the top products of focus in the years to come. ShipView is currently getting more than 60% of our development budget, which by far is our biggest item of expenditure. The development of the system will both be in terms of current versions and new ones, as well as additional modules.

We will try to deal with all valued user requests for improvement of ShipView and at the same time pursue our own ideas and initiatives. Maintenance issues (system fixes) will always be dealt with, independently of the development budget, since the program service fee is marked for support and maintenance only.

Since maintenance activities definitely should sort under product improvement, we decided to use the term product enhancement for cases of product development that are leading to additional or improved product features for the user.

Click to see details on each process, and how you can affect the future ShipView:

  • ShipView enhancement programme
  • ShipView maintenance service