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ShipView is not only a product. It is a comprehensive system with more than bits and bytes, almost made up like a community. NetStorm has a responsibility for serving the participants of this community and will aim at making ShipView work satisfactorily for all, even if surrounding conditions change.


What's in the box?

Purchasing a NetStorm product, you'll get:

  • The license agreement document.
    Written for the users and solution managers, with detailed statements of what you get.
  • Access to all user manuals and documents in the NetStorm Library , directly from your solution login.
  • Access to the User Discussion Groups in the managed NetStorm Forum .
    Search and post questions. Plan for best results, or solve a problem. Carries our official list of development/maintenance work/issues for ShipView.
  • Plus guaranteed support, manintenance, hosting, source material access, timely response, etc.
  • Finally, the product enhancement programme , for additional/improved product features.


People around...

Even with great overall product contents, you can still choose to communicate with people, for any missing bits and detailed guiding, at all times!

  • You are not left alone with the system and its manuals. We will respond quickly through our support, guiding, assisted user management, system maintenance and enhancement services.
  • NetStorm products are highly specialized software solutions for several business areas and industries. We try to be more than just IT professionals and developers. For our business analysts, and our support personnel, we build our knowledge of your line of business.
  • Support requests, questions or feedback? We will answer your calls, your e-mail, and be online at all times using the NetStorm Forum , at least during support hours.