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ShipView version update history

  • 5.0 - Tidier screens that are easier to use

    A number of screens has simplified use and arrangement of fields and buttons. New users become familiar more quickly, and no more hesitation when you have been away for a while!
  • 5.0 - Incident/claim section split

    The section "Incidents" has been split in 2 sections (buttons in top row), labeled "Incidents" and "Claims". This is for clarity, quicker navigation and less clicking. You still have all shortcuts you need to jump between sections.
  • 5.0 - New way to do insurance value and rate adjustments mid-period

    With H&M and similar value-based insurance types, you are usually required to make adjustments of insurance values and consequently the rates, at a fixed number of intervals during the insurance year, and based on significant events such as a vessel rebuild.

    This have been doable all the time, using the "split period" feature. But some might feel that the insurance period lists became a little too fragmented, say, making a split three times during a regular insurance year.

    You are now also allowed to make a value change entry in the insurance event journals. While this actually was possible with version 4.6, and announced to a few project participants, the feature is much more accessible from version 5. The insurance period lists are not touched by this operation.

  • 5.0 - Enhanced reports

    A few reports have additional columns, like the detailed vessel report.
  • 5.0 - Bug fixes

    All reported bugs are fixed at this time.
  • 5.5 - Reports directly available in a number of formats

    Send reports to PDF and Excel, even on computers without these client tools installed! (will release vith version 5.5)

TopView version update history

  • 5.0 - New user interface

    Better, more consistent, and totally professional layout. Controls, menus and command-panels are easy to see and provide intuitive use. "Ajaxified" lists and panels update as needed without refreshing the entire page, keeping you focused!
  • 5.0 - Direct jumping to recently accessed items

    MRU menus ("Most recently Used" items) makes navigation easier, quicker and more intuitive. The 3-5 last used vessels, covers, incidents, claims and so on will be conveniently listed in the navigation bar, just a click away. While working with one insurance cover you can select a cover of another vessel for a look, then return with a click.
    The same "recently accessed items" are also available directly from the home screen.
  • 5.0 - Improved left side drill-down menu

    Browsing your way through the hierarchy of your data is quicker and more obvious due to better arrangement, lists and buttons.