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ShieldNet - Insurance Management suite

Marine Insurance Management

General-purpose Insurance Management

ShieldNet is our suite of Insurance Management systems.

Our insurance management products are made for the owner or covered party. Your insurance companies will by far not provide you with this view. Our users typically have insurance costs that are significant, often with a complex structure with market share splits and a number of insurance types from several companies.

You get

The suite consists of two line-of-business solutions that seamlessly integrate in a single web application with a single logon:

  • ShipView for marine and energy
  • RangeView for non-marine, including life, property, health and so on.

The suite serves virtually all needs of a business' insurance management needs.

The suite product is merely an advantageous product of purchase, for functional details please click the links above.

You save up to 25%

  • Buying a license of ShieldNet, as compared with purchasing RangeView and ShipView individually, qualifies for a 50% discount for the less expensive product license.
  • For example, if you want the exact same level editions of ShipView and RangeView (same number of users etc.), you will have a 25% discount compared to individual purchases.
  • For a while, the discount also applies to "upgrade to suite", meaning that you will get the discount even if you already have purchased one of the products and want the other.