Source: http://www.netstorm.no/Consulting/types/projmgmnt.aspx
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Management of a project and its resources
- across company boundaries

Our services within project management have chiefly been supplied with system development jobs that we are engaged in. We also offer project management services in cases where we are not directly involved in the system development tasks. Here's some typical management scenarios:

  • Basic management and reporting of our own consultants' activities.
  • Extended project management, e.g. with detailed reports, milestone management, and reporting of overall progress.
  • Project management involving both internal and external participants.
  • Project management directly for the customer, also involving the customer's internal resources.
  • Product development managed as projects. Relevant in cases where the system development leads to more than only internal systems, typically where a third party uses the systems, for purchase, lease or free (a customer's value increasing systems). In these cases, the product sales rights are often with the customer, based on a system framework provided by NetStorm. These situations also lead to a responsibility of interaction with departments of the customer, like QA, market and IT.