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Deployment and operation of product installations

We can take care of all tasks required to operate an installation of a NetStorm product, at a local site of your own network, or at 3rd party hosting service of your choice. We could also operate a number of other server software products, if relevant to the operation of a NetStorm product.

Before proceeding

Please keep in mind the general recommendation that we have for new customers facing the choice of running a local installation or using NetStorm Hosting:

Around 95% of our customers should choose NetStorm hosting, for most value per dollar, and most likely for the dollars alone. If you believe you have the extraordinary requirements within the remaining 5 percent, please review once more the importance of those, compared to the costs and extra tasks that are introduced. As a rule of thumb, you would always be best off with NetStorm Hosting or a third party that highly specializes in ASP.NET, in case you don't have in-house personnel for all operational tasks regarding ASP.NET/SQLServer applications - including installation, upgrading, monitoring and basic troubleshooting.

Having said that, please don't worry if you for instance have a strict security policy forcing all out-data to be locally stored. All NetStorm products fully support local installations.


Types of tasks

We usually offer to take care of all common operational tasks:

  1. Initial installation of a NetStorm product and/or its prerequisites.
  2. Upgrade a NetStorm product and/or its prerequisites
  3. Configure health monitoring and basic troubleshooting
  4. Set up backup and run restore or recovery

No need to mention items already covered by the product's license/service agreement.



NetStorm products already have conditions for operational assistance incorporated in the signed license agreement. (e.g. see the TopView/ShipView license agreement template, )
Typically we would agree by e-mail correspondence, that the default conditions of the license agreement apply in the case, and we specify tasks to do and estimate required man-hours plus expected time of delivery.

The mentioned estimate is not a fixed offer. It is just a guarantee offered, that the customer at the time of this little agreement is not required to pay more than estimated. The actual cost will be based on the actual man-hours, and may however be less or more. The vital point to remember is that NetStorm as provider is obliged, as soon as possible, to report in case it is apparent that the estimate has to be exceeded to complete the tasks. It will be up to the customer to proceed. If choosing not to, the customer will not be billed any more than the current number of spent man-hours.

We can also make a separate agreement of operational services. This could be convenient in case you want to have tasks and responsibilities listed, along with parameters like annual maximum cost and so on.



  • NetStorm consultants are properly insured, but due to the potential very high insurance premium we have left out coverage of the USA. This can of course be changed if a need should arise, so please contact us for adjusted prices in case a job would be partly or fully for a US company.
  • All NetStorm products can, by all means, be run with other software on a single computer instance. However, to be able to estimate complexity and cost, we start out assuming that we are dealing with a single physical or virtual server with OS, the NetStorm product, and its prereqs. We reserve our right not to offer operational services, in case the requirements of other software on the same computer is not known, or particularly complicated to relate to, or our impression is that the customer will not accept correspondingly raised total costs from such a situation. In that case we would prefer that the customer arrange to have such tasks carried out.
  • Lump sum arrangements is mostly not an option for our operational services. We do no-cure no-pay jobs when developing add-ons for NetStorm products, but this is generally not in our interest for this context. It might still be an option for an agreement of considerable volume and at the same time having an easily controllable environment of operation.
  • We need to have fairly controllable remote access from the Internet to control the relevant servers. To keep costs down, the remote access client, browser type or native, should be able to run from Windows7x64 at no less than 1Mbit/s transfer speed.

If any of the listed limitations should apply, please observe that we also offer extended operational guidance as an addition to the annual service component of the license agreement. Instead guiding your own IT-personnel might be just as good. That way your techies has their own quota of resources, instead of consuming too much of the total resources allocated by the license agreement. (which could leave little left for user activated support cases)


Getting started

If you have given the above information a little thought, please contact us for more details, or just tell us to get started!

You might want to give it a try, without a separate agreement in the first place. Maybe you have a single task to be carried out, like an upgrade. Afterwards we would get back to you and ask if you want this and other operations carried out based on NetStorm's initiative. Typically, that would be applying major and minor updates, and going through a quick health check at the same time.
This way we are able to allocate time for the operations way ahead, as opposed to the default ad-hoc method.