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NetStorm consulting prices


General conditions for all types of work

  • Prices are per hour, taxes may additionally apply.
  • High volume jobs may qualify for special prices.
  • These conditions may be overruled by certain contracts.


System development

In this context, system development including all kinds of programming and custom preparation, leading to new systems, new modules, new single features, or changed system behavior that is not a result of a bug or service request.
We provide system development at the following prices:

  1. NOK 975 - "Regular". For jobs we usually go after. Applies for medium sized jobs, or smaller ones in case this is regulated. (e.g. additions
  2. NOK 1450 - "Unannounced". For low-volume jobs that otherwise are not regulated by contracts, or jobs that does not come into line with our regular activities.

The same prices usually apply to maintenance related development tasks, as specified in such contracts.


System modeling

While system modeling tasks usually cost more, NetStorm uses the same price for architecture and business analysis jobs, as for system development:

  • NOK 975


Graphics and web design

In some cases, user interface design is a task of considerable volume, and the job can be more or less isolated within  a development project. Such client-side design (page layout and styling, graphics, and so on) can be offered at:

  • NOK 800

Still, if we have to assign a system developer to the task, the general system development prices (above) would apply.


Project management

Project management for system development is priced approximately 25% above system development:

  • NOK 1200



All basic cost of operating an installation of a NetStorm software product is included in the NetStorm Hosting Service. If you run a local installation you can still purchase services for operation. Also, Certain special tasks, like restoring a previous data account, can be carried out as agreed.

Prices are:

  1. NOK 975 if a system developer has to carry out the task.
  2. NOK 800 otherwise.



Support activities not specified in other contracts can be provided at the following prices:
  1. Support at system development level (2nd or 3rd line) is priced like system development. (above)
  2. NOK 750 for when a 1st line support contract applies.



Training is priced like system development. Certain types of training related to NetStorm products may be offered at lower prices.


Other work

Other operations, like data conversion, are priced like system development.


In the above cases involving alternate prices, the higher price might still prevail if we at the time does not have available personnel that are assigned to lower man-hour costs. (e.g. a developer is the only one available to restore a data account at the NetStorm Hosting Service)



Note: Conditions and prices on this page can change without further notice.