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Tech summary

Chosen basis in NetStorm products and technologies:

  • .NET, including ASP.NET
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Silverlight
  • Telerik RadControls, Reporting, OpenAccessORM, Sitefinity
  • Ajax and a number of W3C standards
    (supported by major web browsers of recent date, with focus on Firefox and Internet Explorer)

  See also NetStorm technologies.


Technologies & tools

NetStorm has made considerable investments in training, equipment and software tools.

NetStorm's primary activity is software design and development, both within the company's own sales product line and in consulting projects. The employees have wide experience in designing and developing software systems across a variety of tools and platforms, but for obvious reasons of cost-efficiency we have made some decisions.

.NET application platform

The .NET platform is the preferred platform for new projects, and the platform on which all NetStorm's own current products are build. We have also done several consulting projects porting older systems to this platform. Our infrastructure includes .NET applications servers for hosting web applications, and development clients with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET for developing both web and fat client applications. The preferred programming language is C#, but we can also do VB.NET and J# if required. We have developed extensive reusable libraries that enable us to offer instant functionality and to get up and running quickly on new projects

Server and network technologies


Almost all our products and consulting assignments involve a database system, and we have extensive experience with both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Though Microsoft SQL Server is our preferred DBMS, our own products also support Oracle, and our database access libraries can also easily be extended to support other databases either through native ADO.NET drivers or through ODBC.

Web applications

Within a .NET-based project, ASP.NET is used in connection with Microsoft IIS to build and run interactive web applications and XML Web Services. In  Java projects we have experience with several varieties of the Apache web server and application servers such as Apache Jakarta and IBM WebSphere.

Other clients and servers

Our own products use .NET-provided and 3rd-party libraries to send and fetch email, harvest data from external information sources on the internet, publish services to other applications and so on.

Configuration management

We use Microsoft SourceSafe for versioning and managing all our source code and libraries.


We are using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Microsoft Visio for modeling the requirement process, business analysis, database and application structure using UML etc. We  also have experience using tools like ERWin and Rational Rose.