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Technologies that NetStorm apply, share or own

Our policy of choosing, developing, applying, protecting and sharing technologies

  1. Whenever feasible, we develop software using industry-wide, established tech standards and platforms.
  2. From time to time we need to create our own basis, either because of specifics of the user's business domain, or simply because we believe that our ideas will yield competitive advantage.
  3. The technological outcome of our projects will in turn undergo a process of sharing, over time or with immediate effect:
    1. Some (most likely quite few) project outcome will remain proprietary technologies because it has an application that is practically too narrow for sharing.
    2. Some technologies will emerge without a date for release to the public. This might be for NetStorm to gain a competitive lead, but also simply to do some test and development cycles before presentation.
    3. NetStorm expect to release most technologies at an early stage packaged and documented with our development framework products.
    4. Some NetStorm technologies will eventually find their way to the public, submitted to open-source communities wrapped in a complete software source package, or as proposed standards to (most likely) a line-of-business task force group.