Source: http://www.netstorm.no/Company/history.aspx
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NetStorm was founded and registered in 1997. Since then we have developed line of business software (vertical applications), provided with mandatory system service agreements and optional hosting.

Coming from a legacy, our activities were bipolar regarding the industries of our customers; hospitals and health clinics vs. marine and energy.

In 2000 we were introduced to an opportunity of a joint venture operation developing software for a finance house. At the time we decided that we would let the medic software fade out, as we believed that most activities in this area would soon be inconvenient to run from a company based in Norway. We needed to focus our operations, and the new tasks fit nicely in that respect, as our marine/energy applications primarily sorted under the customers' finance department.

Since then, our activities have steadily grown in our intended direction: Shipping and finance.