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Job opportunities: NetStorm is growing.

We seek employees for both system development and marketing.
The areas of work will be our vertical business software product suites, FlowNet and ShieldNet, including our most successful product ShipView. That is, systems for workflow management and insurance management, designed for owners of high value assets (typically ships and rigs).


System developer

We seek a system developer with experience and knowledge from Microsoft ASP.NET (preferably C#) and typically related products and technologies, like MS SQL Server. In-depth Java experience with some .NET knowledge could as well be an acceptable approach. Relevant education is preferred.

Knowledge of business analysis is considered important at this post. Communications skills will be highly appreciated, while working closely with users and specialists of our customers and partners.


Marketing executive

Our profiled product ShipView have made 8 sales in Norway, where customers have their offices for commercial management. We are currently working with a number of new cases with great opportunities.

All our products are designed and documented for an English language international market. The applicant should master English language in business situations.

Europe is our next target marked. We have been in contact with companies in Germany, and will probably also be looking in the Netherlands, to connect with an agent or distributor. A decision on how to use agents, distributors, or our own resources still has to be made.
It is vital that the applicant is able to deal with sales tasks directly in situations with no local distributor. Plus:

  • Be able to work independently, in a structured way.
  • Connect with people easily, also in less familiar business environments.
  • Be a good listener, and generally good at looking into the customer's ways, processes and needs.

The following will be valued considering employment. It is not expected that you have it all.

  • Knowledge of or experience with the shipping business, especially ship management and ship owners.
  • Knowledge of or experience with the insurance business.
  • Experience using, testing, designing, or other experience with applications for vertical business targets.
  • Experience with business applications from a vendor's or reseller's point of view.
  • Knowledge of or experience with design, architecture, development, maintenance or support of applications.
  • Experience writing technical or administrative documentation.
  • Knowledge of or experience with web management, design, editing and publishing.
  • Relevant education.

After some experience with our products the employee should be able to understand our current and prospective customers' software needs and product possibilities, and take part in a communication and processes where customers and our product management is involved.

Relevant paths:

  1. Experience in sales and marketing, preferably also of administrative kind.
  2. Have been working with ship management or in the marine insurance business, and have interest in business applications and their interaction with people and organizations, and you are quick at learning new IT systems.
  3. Have been working with application development or maintenance in one way or another, and have interest in business applications and their interaction with people and organizations. You feel ready to, or have been, carrying out administrative tasks.


Product manager

The position would be for a person some spread in knowledge and experience, coming from system product/system development and/or market/sales.

In addition to qualifications mentioned in the two above job descriptions, any of the following abilities would be valued:

  • Create/maintain content for our product and corporate web sites
  • Create/maintain product documentation
  • Perform client side web development
  • Guide customers in using our products and deal with support requests
  • Deal with web design and marketing material design
  • Carry out the most common network and server management tasks

It is required that you can deal with tasks within sales and marketing activities. Still, we can make arrangements so that you wouldn't have to break up with a technical or administrative area if that's where you are most comfortable. The job can be "shaped" as you move on, depending on your qualifications and success of activities where you take part.

Basically, we are open to suggestions should you have other ideas of how to make the best out of this cross-function job given your particular abilities. strong market. Our products are really up to date technically.

  • Training will be arranged internally or externally as needed (and wanted), whenever possible. We will help you up to speed in less known areas.
  • We intend to hire qualified individuals, and prepare to offer the right salaries and accommodate benefits.
  • Stock options, even of significant proportions, can be offered for key-position employees committed to results.
  • A flexible, yet structured and tidy organization. To live with, not to be consumed by!



      In either case, please contact Olav Norrud for more details or an application.