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Please avoid paper whenever possible

Like many other companies, NetStorm has taken actions to improve processes involving correspondence, messaging, collaboration and telecom, in terms of speed, security, overall value - and overall cost.

A significant number of partners, customers and vendors leave us no choice, all correspondence must be electronic. Invoices are mostly sent as PDFs alone. So we needed to change our accounting process.
The result is that we now prefer to receive invoices and similar correspondence in electronic form, in particular from all our vendors.

Please try to send us PDFs (or files of similar format) instead of papers/letters, especially if you are sending frequently, like every month. You could request delivery/read receipts. And we will respond quickly if you need other confirmation, by signing with an identity-approved digital certificate.

If you still need to send paper, please consider also sending an electronic copy, for both our convenience. E-mail is currently a more stable delivery method than letters. You should also know that we may process your letter mail no more frequent than 14 days, due to our business trips. (we decided that we could simplify the letter process due to significantly reduced volume and need)